Paint is a product that most people would presume could not be sustainable or eco-friendly, but these brands are shaking things up quite literally with their innovative ideas and manufacturing processes that are leading the change in sustainable interior and exterior paint.


Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint make their natural paint differently using the purest and healthiest plant-based ingredients combined with rich mineral & earth pigments. Creating a tonally consistent range of easy to use, durable, vegan paint. All Edward Bulmer Natural Paints colours & finishes are low VOC, wipeable and odourless. Whilst their water-based formulas are one of the most ecologically friendly available today; plastic free wall paints, carbon neutral and non-toxic. Edward Bulmer Natural Paints vision is that: Together let’s paint a greener future!


COAT believes that paint is really just a recipe, but not all paint is created equal. High grade paint means depth, coverage and a smooth finish that makes life easier. Unlike most, they finish each tin of paint to order so customers get it freshly mixed to their door within 24 hours. COAT is leading the charge with cleaner products, smarter solutions and bigger thinking, COAT is the first B Corp certified paint brand in the UK and Climate Positive. Curating only the best colours, everyone can simply and confidently find their style


Clayworks clay plasters are unique blends of unfired clays mixed with minerals and natural pigments to provide a healthy, breathable finish for interior walls and ceilings. Clayworks range of plasters are natural and non-toxic, with low VOCs emissions and no synthetic, concrete or lime additives. Made from readily available, naturally abundant materials, they require no processing, only blending. During the manufacturing process very little energy is required, no water is used, and there is zero waste produced. Amongst the most sustainable wall finishes available, clay plasters are recyclable, repairable and compostable. They allow buildings to breathe, attenuate acoustics and help regulate humidity and temperature.