Category Spotlight – Tiles

Tiles are a product we all can use throughout our homes or building projects.

With hundreds of thousands of brands to choose from, we wanted to provided you with some tile options which will not only make your space stand out but gives you the chance to do your bit for the environment at the same time.

SCALE produces tiles called SCALITE that are made entirely from fish scales. The material is made exclusively from fish scales, an abundant and renewable by-product of the fishing and aqua culture industries. SCALITE is fully recyclable and VOC free and it can be coloured all the way through in various shades. It is also fire rated (M1) and complies with the fire regulation for public interior space, which gives you safety and style all whilst being sustainable. View their products and SCALE’s vision here.










StoneCycling Bio Based Tiles are the first ever bio-based tile that grows with the help of bacteria. A innovative solution to lower your CO₂ footprint in your next tiling project. The Bio Based Tiles are suited for interior and exterior use, giving you the opportunity to purchase for multiple uses and mix and match for ultimate stylish flair. StoneCycling also looks to the future and shows their latest developments in collaboration with partners, such as a ceramic wall tile made of 100% waste, a re-mountable facade and a cement-free concrete clinker. Browse their range of products here.




Mogu floor tile products are designed to support the needs of everyday life. Thanks to the 87% bio based resin constituting the top aesthetic layer, Mogu tiles are able to resist heels, scratches, abrasions just like any conventional floor. The fascinating tones of water, forests, earth and sand to design a unique colour palette. Mogu colours are designed to support a perfect mix and match, giving you the option to decorate your home or project with stunning mycelium-based floor tiles. View the entire range here.









Lundhs Real Stone is the largest producer of natural stone in Northern Europe. They extract rough blocks of high quality stones from their own quarries in Norway and export their materials to stone factories around the world.

A few reasons why Lundhs Real Stone are a sustainable choice of tiles are as follows:

  • The stone is 100% natural
  • Due to the high quality of stone the materials are extremely durable
  • All stone from Lundhs can be recycled due to being 100% natural
  • Lundhs stone production is governed by strict national, regional and local regulations.

To view their range of tiles that will last a lifetime click here