Dutch Design Week 2022 Standouts

Liselot Cobelens Dryland Rug

Liselot Cobelens presented a rug at Dutch Design Week that visualises real-world data on how climate change-induced droughts are damaging local landscapes through the Netherlands.

The Dryland rug records four different consequences of drought – dehydration, loss of crops and animals, land subsidence and wildfires – and how they have impacted one particular region that is close to Cobelens heart.

Studio Rens Re-Glow Tile Collection

Studio Rens Re-Glow collection of tiles is sorely focused on giving old and unused tiles a new lease of life, by using inventive glazing and colourful resin finishes.  Bold or lively, the colour ways and design is up to you, but by giving you the chance as a consumer to give tiles a new lease on life – we love the idea!


Myceen Mushroom Mycellium Lamp

Myceen showcased lampshades made from mushroom mycellium.

To create the shades, which are 60 centimetres wide, waste organic material from the timber and agricultural industry including sawdust and straw was mixed with mycelium in Myceen’s Tallinn workshop.

The result is a simple stylish showstopping lampshade that will add EDGE to any space.