conference set-up

EDGE will be hosting CPD’s in the new year…

– Help Architects who are seeking to deliver more responsible architecture, lower carbon, BREEAM or LEED standards.
– Natural Stone: Types, Finishes and Applications.
540WORLD Cradle2Cradle: 
– Digital Options for the Built Environment to maximise financial values and green/carbon metric;.
– Verified Sustainable Material Innovations (From Timber to Taps, Surfaces to Infrastructures);
– Cradle to Cradle principles, frameworks, certification, materials and digital platforms;
– Interior Design Futures: Regenerative Materials and Verified Sustainable Pathways;
– Designing Out Waste: Residential Values, Sustainable Metrics and AI Libraries & Marketplaces.
Magna Glaskeramik: 
– Realizing the Circular Economy in Construction via Crystallizing Waste Glass into Slabs;
– Over a Decade of Consulting on Magna Glaskeramik C2C Gold Material for External Facade and Interior.
Silestone designed by Cosentino: 
– Ultracompact Facade Surface: Introduction and Understanding of Ultracompact Surface as a Material and its use in Architecture and Design.
– Composite Quartz: Provide Clear Understanding of the Technical Characteristics and Potential Areas of Application for Composite Quartz.
Newton Waterproofing:
– Structural Waterproofing Design Strategies to BS 8102:2009;
– A Designers Guide to Type C Internal Basement Waterproofing to BS 8102;
– Achieving Continuity in Concrete Waterproofing to BS 8102:2009;
– Principles of Type A External Waterproofing to BS 8102:2009;
– Newton Factory Tour.

Additional talks and presentations include:

Kerakoll “Sustainable Seamless Resin Surfaces”
Smile Plastics‘ “Smile about Plastics – Materials Reimagined. Designed to Inspire”
Edward Bulmer “Natural paints and the importance of wall breathability”
Nook and Sound Zero “Sound: From Cacophony To Harmony”
Mobilane “Greening the Urban Environment”
NIBE “Harvesting The Power Of Nature To Create The Perfect Indoor Climate”
Camira “Sustainability & Innovation in Contract Fabrics”
Mogu and Matter of Stuff “Radical by Nature – Nature is the best architect of all”
The Solid Wood’ Flooring Company “Is wood flooring sustainable and does it promote circular construction?”
Gencork “Sustainability, Creativity, Technology & Human Emotions in Seamless Dialog”.