Mo de Movimiento

Exclusive Interview with Lucas Muñoz

We had the pleasure to meet and interview Lucas Muñoz, an incredibly talented Spanish designer, artist and craft traveler who practices the art of upcycling.

We discovered Lucas Muñoz through the Mo de Movimiento project in Madrid, which was awarded the sustainable interior of 2021 by Dezeen. Although Lucas claims to not be a sustainable expert, he found himself thriving through it and getting excited about sustainable designs. We discovered more about his designs and projects during our interview.

Lucas shared with us how he began his journey as an upcycling designer: at the beginning of his career he had to be creative and experiment with the materials he found at hand due to the lack of means. But little did he know that his future career will thrive as an experimental designer. Playing around with materials that are considered waste came naturally. It was clear that Lucas had a genuine understanding of sustainability, as he thinks about the whole circularity of each material that is incorporated in his design. He is mindful of the severe impact that certain materials can have on the environment, which he would avoid at all costs.


Mo de Movimiento is one of the examples that showcases Lucas’ talent in incorporating re-purposing and re-using in his design of objects and space. Mo de Movimiento is a restaurant that opened before the pandemic in Madrid. The owners of the restaurant wanted to create a restaurant that was as sustainable as possible, and there was only one person for this job. Lucas explained to us how thorough the thought process and research were for this project. Anytime they would find new construction waste from their site, they think of how they can re-use and re-purpose it for the restaurant. From the floors, the walls, to the furniture, everything in this restaurant has been upcycled from different materials with different functionalities.

You can find out more about his work on his website here.