We are inviting you to visit our stand at futurebuild! We are excited to showcase our innovative brands and cutting-edge technologies that aim to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the built environment today.

We are also offering a fringe program that includes a series of talks and workshops led by experts in the field. These sessions will cover a wide range of topics, from the latest developments in green building materials and technologies, to strategies for reducing carbon emissions in the built environment, to innovative approaches to planning and design.

Visit us at Stand L50 at Excel! Join us on the innovation trail and enjoy our short talks program while asking experts questions about material and product choices.

Joining EDGE at futurebuild:

Lundhs Real Stone, Clayworks, Mobilane, Kenoteq, Velox

Signify, Puustelli Miinus, Hagen Hinderdael, Nova Vita, Soltropy, Clippings, Zero Waste works, COAT Paint, Tomas and Jani.


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Lundhs is the largest producer of natural stone in Northern Europe. They extract rough blocks of high quality stones from their own quarries in Norway and export their materials to stone factories around the world.


Lundhs will be presenting on March 8th at 1:15pm with the topic of, Natural Stone – Sustainability and Solutions for Modern Design

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Mobilane is market leader in the sustainable development and delivery of patented, innovative green systems. Mobilane’s green systems offer a ready-to-use solution for almost any situation.


Mobilane will be presenting March 8th at 2:15pm with the topic of, Introducing MobiGreenFence: A sustainable construction site with green hoarding

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Signify is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Signify’s energy efficient lighting products, systems and services enable users to enjoy a superior quality of light, and make people’s lives safer and more comfortable, businesses more productive and cities more liveable.


Signify’s presentation will be 7th March at 2:45, 8th March at 11:45 and 9th March at 11:45 on the topic of NatureConnect – lighting for health & wellbeing and 3D printed lighting – supporting a circular economy

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Kenoteq’s the pioneering clean tech spin-out company specialises in the development and delivery of highly sustainable building products to help meet your carbon goals.


Kenoteq’s presentations will be 7th March at 4:15pm K-BRIQ® Launch & Drinks Reception – a circular economy approach to building a sustainable future


With also 8th March at 4:30pm on the topic of The K-BRIQ® – a circular economy approach to building a sustainable future

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 COAT, leading the change with cleaner products, smarter solutions and bigger thinking, we’re the first B Corp certified paint brand in the UK and Climate Positive.


Coat’s presentation will be 9th March at 11:15pm on the topic of Cleaner products, smarter solutions, bigger thinking. How COAT is shaking up a broken industry

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Combining centuries old knowledge in earth architecture with field experimentation, modern science and testing facilities, the focus became creating and delivering easy to use, ready mix clay plaster finishes.


Clayworks presentation will be on the 8th of March at 10:15 on the topic of Clay Plasters : what they are, why they solve so many problems and how to use them.

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Puustelli Miinus

Miinus Kitchens are based on a long-lasting, modifiable and recyclable construction. A Miinus kitchen only requires ½ of the material of a standard kitchen, and has a carbon footprint that is 30-45% lower.


Puustelli will be presenting on March 8th at 3:15pm on the topic of Introducing Miinus: Low-VOC, sustainable & innovative kitchen furniture by Puustelli

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Tomas and Jani

Tomas and Jani are a small team located in the heart of East Sussex. They design and make contemporary furniture using waste materials that are otherwise destined for landfill.


Tomas and Jani will be presenting on March 8th at 10:45 on the topic of Transforming coffee waste into materials


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Soltropy Technology uses a patent pending Solar Shell to mount individual evacuated tubes to a standard copper pipe, without the need to break into the pipe. This modular approach gives the system greater flexibility to scale to individual requirements, and makes installation easier and less disruptive.


Soltropy will be presenting March 8th at 2:15pm with the topic of, Introducting MobiGreenFence: A sustainable construction site with green hoarding

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Clippings began life with one mission: to use technology to transform the way the design industry works. Passionate about design, product and tech, the team built a platform offering a new way for design professionals to specify and procure furniture, lighting and accessories.


Clipping’s presentation will be 7th March at 1:45pm on the topic of Furniture procurement reinvented for commercial interiors projects

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Novavita means new life. We believe in material reincarnation. Our mission is simple: to create playful objects and textures, while cleaning the planet. We love working with recycled materials.


NOVAVITA’s presentations will be 8th March at 11:15pm on the topic of Where you see waste we see Novavita: How sustainability changed our approach to design

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Zero Waste Works

Zero Waste Works are on a mission to develop sustainable, affordable and quality fibre concrete reinforcement solutions for the construction industry.


Zero Waste Works’ presentation will be 7th March at 12:15pm on the topic of 100% Recycled Fibres for Concrete

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As a creative practice, beyond their conceptual visions they are also fundamentally grounded in how to be earth-conscious designers of the future: always designing with the ethos of a circular economy in mind.


Hagen Hinderdael’s presentation will be 7th March at 3:45pm on the topic of Digitising Design with an Eco-Conscious Approach

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Many more

We will be having more talks and presentations from the following people on our stand from the 7-9th of March while we are at Futurebuild, Ana Rita Martins – Woodall Design Head of Sustainability, Dr Asif Din – Sustainability Director from Perkins and Will, Brian Murphy – Green Building Calculator 540 world Cradle to Cradle. Click here to see the full fringe program.

Hope to see you all at futurebuild