Material Focus – Cork

Cork has been a popular material the past few years within the building and design sector, thanks to its stylish look and feel whilst being sustainable.

Here are a few things that make Cork a trending innovative material across multiple industries.

  • It’s an eco-friendly raw material that is abundant and easily renewable
  • Cork has elastic qualities and is very flexible
  • It is a viable alternative to plastic, with a much lower ecological footprint
  • Cork is a natural material and requires minimal processing
  • It looks beautiful and adds an earthy, warm feel to your home environment
  • Cork keeps your house warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to its insulating qualities.

In our EDGE London Showroom we have a variety of innovative brands that use cork as their core material throughout their range of sustainable products.


Puretree is one of the largest retailers of quality cork in the UK for a reason.

They understand the importance of using sustainable materials to create breathtaking products that ensure your design is the talking point of every space.

PureTree aligns their vision with the fact that cork is frequently used for a variety of applications from fashion to design, construction to energy production, and even in the aerospace industry.

From indoor and outdoor projects, to residential and commercial designs, PureTree offers a wide range of finishes and colours across their Cork Product offering.


Gencork is a brand of cork covering solutions that explores the symbios is between a low-tech material and high-tech processes.

The 100% natural and sustainable expanded cork agglomerate is transformed through generative design algorithms and advanced digital fabrication processes, expressing a new formal aesthetics.

This creative and disruptive system not only optimizes cork’s thermal and acoustic properties, but also adds artistic value to traditional walls.


Recork is born from a desire to create beautiful, functional cork flooring that helps reverse global warming and restore the planet’s ecological balance.

Their product range varies from subtle finishes that elevate any space and oozes style, all whilst being sustainable.

Recork has a beautiful range of flooring that matches a unique personality.

At the heart of all their products is cork, a remarkable natural resource that is great for the planet, and good for you.