Recycled plastic construction and design projects are the most efficient way to reduce waste and promote sustainable development. At EDGE we have many brands in our showroom that use recycled post consumer and industrial plastics as the core material in their products, or as the product itself. Below is a summary of a variety of sustainable brands using the up-and-coming material in building and interior projects globally.


Durat is a unique, sustainable solid surface material which contains recycled post industrial plastics and is 100% recyclable.

Durat is available in more than 200 vibrant colours, including a large variety of RAL Classic colours. Custom colours can be tinted to order. Durat can be used to create seamless surfaces of any custom project.

Easy maintenance and hard-wearing properties make it an ideal material for various kinds of interiors, such as bathrooms, kitchens and public places.

The Durat Circular concept is a new step towards a comprehensive circular economy and closed material cycle. Durat repurchases, refurbishes and sells used Durat products. Their goal is to ensure the longest possible life cycle for Durat material and re-use 100% of the materials they produce.

Smile Plastics

Smile Plastics design sustainable materials made from “waste” plastics collected from a variety of post-consumer and post-industrial sources. They believe that their reimagined, recycled materials match any new ones that you’ll find in terms of quality and style. Each panel in their product range is entirely crafted by hand and has its own unique identity. Smile Plastics focus on single-use plastic packaging and other materials that would usually find their way to landfill. They chose these plastics to disrupt the unsustainable industrial ecosystems that have become the norm whereby finite and useful materials have very short, single lives.


Bencore’s Wasbottle material comes from recycled and recyclable plastic flakes and it was born in collaboration with Autogrill for the recycling and reuse of their dismessd plastic materials. Wasbottle can be milled, drilled and then accessorized and also finished with screwed components and, in the 20 mm thickness, it can also be inserted in the profiles of the Bencore doors/walls collection. It is designed for the realization of table tops, shelves, and coverings for architecture and interior design.


Hagen Hinderdael 

Hagen & Hinderdael’s BOLLA lamp brings awareness to how the escalated use of packaging materials is affecting our environment. Manufactured with a CNC mould, and housing slimline OLED technology, BOLLA captures the essence of “waste not, want not” – creating an innovative and sustainable new light product. Working with material scientists at Cemento UK, a custom-aggregate has been developed in which recycled plastic particles are combined into a concrete mixture and poured into the organic mould. This aggregate can be further enhanced through the addition of various pigments; allowing BOLLA to be customised to match any interior.

Philips Signify 3D Printed Lights

Phillips Coastal Breeze collection is made from recycled fishing nets, collected from harbours on the coast of Cornwall. This special collection empowers you to make a conscious choice without compromising on beauty.  All of the lamps in this collection are 3D printed on demand in Turnhout, Belgium. With their production process is zero-waste, their products are modularly built using as little parts as possible, as well as they print all possible parts, except the bulb and cables.