Studio Mae

The journey of Studio Mae begun when Mima and Liz met working at an Architecture firm in London where they bonded over their passion for pared back aesthetics and interest in wellbeing.

After working in an office devoid of any natural light they became acutely aware of how our surroundings can positively or negatively impact our mental & physical wellbeing. From then, they were motivated from that experience to establish their own design firm Studio Mae and look at the science behind why a space makes us feel good (neuroaesthetics).

Since then they have been intensely studying how design affects physical and mental wellbeing. Both Mima and Liz have a deep understanding of how elements such as scientific design (colour & light psychology), world teachings (Feng Shui), wellness building standards (air, light, acoustics, comfort) and sustainability contribute to the wellbeing of individuals.

Now they create beautiful interiors with finishes, furniture and fittings that are naturally inspired, without toxins and designed to facilitate better sleep, relaxation and health whilst encouraging ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

Studio Mae’s core vision is to make people feel good in their spaces by creating luxury interiors that tread lightly on the planet whilst promoting better physical health and mental wellbeing overall. For them design isn’t just a look, it’s design with feeling. It’s conscious.

With over 20 years professional experience on an international scale, Studio Mae has led distinguished interior design projects from inception to completion in residential, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors.

Notting Hill Project by Studio Mae


Studio Mae recently transformed a Parisian Art Deco inspired renovation project in Notting Hill’s notable Elgin Crescent from two derelict flats into a light, elegant and grand two-storey home designed to elevate wellness and calm by using sustainably-sourced, non-toxic finishes and fittings.

A few of the stand-out features of the project include the handmade plasterwork (commissioned and made in Paris) for the entrance, paneling and ceilings; the naturally-smoked oak wood chevron flooring; the sweeping sculptural staircase and the curved walls and furnishings.


You can view all of Studio Mae’s work here