Virtual Sustainable Futures Careers Expo



As part of the development of their Creating a Sustainable Life on Earth (CASLOE) project, 4wardFutures will be hosting a Virtual Sustainable Futures Careers Expo. CASLOE is a careers education project that uses the passions that young people have in addressing the sustainability challenges that humanity face to introduce them to the exciting work that people from all sectors are doing in these fields. CASLOE will also highlight the career and progression pathways that are available that will allow young people to work on addressing these challenges through their future careers.


Click here to see a fly through video of Virtual Sustainable Futures Careers Expo

Through this Virtual Expo, companies and organisations working to address their own or societies sustainability challenges will be able to share the work they are doing with young people



There is no charge to exhibit at the Expo

The 4wardFutures team will work with you to create your exhibition stand

Each exhibitor will have a stand where they can have:

  • 1 Tall Banner – the banner image will pop up when clicked on
  • 1 Leaflet Stand – with up to 9 leaflets, downloaded by clicking on individual images
  • 1 Video Monitor – exhibitors’ videos will be displayed when the monitor screen is clicked on
  • 4 Large Images – these will be displayed as posters on the display panels
  • Social media and website link

    For more information about exhibiting at the Expo please contact