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About EDGE

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Our business

We are London’s first interior design and construction showroom dedicated to sustainable products and materials.

We work with some of the most sustainable and innovative brands in Europe.

We are also an online shop where architects, interior designers, specifiers, construction professionals and DIYers can purchase products from these brands in order to make homes, offices or commercial spaces more sustainable.

Our mission

It’s estimated that the building and construction industry is responsible for nearly two fifths of global emissions. At a time when climate change has become a climate emergency, the sector has a clear responsibility to play its part to ensure that it minimises its impact on people and the environment.

There are many innovative and pioneering sustainability-led brands out there in the construction and interior design space, but prior to EDGE, there was no central hub to bring all of those forward thinking brands together and provide a coherent vision of what the future of the industry might look like.

Our goal has been to bring those expert brands together, show the industry what the possibilities are, and empower businesses and individuals to take sustainability into their own hands by learning about the new technologies and materials that are helping to make a decarbonised future a reality, and providing a place to access those products.

Our ethos

We feature brands which demonstrate the highest standards in the following:

  • Emissions minimisation

  • Circularity

  • Sustainable materials sourcing

  • Product quality and longevity

  • Wellness

  • Minimal use of toxic chemicals

We assess each partner on a case-by-case basis, and understand that accreditation, although ideal, can be expensive and inaccessible for small businesses. We utilise our own evaluation framework in these cases, requesting the relevant paperwork in order to determine eligibility.

  • Partnerships:
  • PEFC