Robynne Hammer, COO at Eco Design Green Environment Showroom (EDGE)

 Innovation is at the heart of what we do at EDGE. Finding sustainable building materials and interior products that are produced by innovative brands is what we do best, whilst connecting the general public and specifiers through our central London showroom.

As a business, we are constantly researching the build and design industry to source like-minded brands that are also striving for positive change within the sector. It is important to us that we share the same core ethos and vision, which is innovation and environmental consideration. The built environment needs innovative brands that are manufacturing new materials and releasing sustainable alternatives, as the industry is continuing to use resources that are damaging to our planet.

At EDGE, we believe the game-changing element of innovation is knowledge and education. Through hosting workshops, talks and events for architects, building project managers, the general public and students on sustainable materials in the built environment, we have provided the necessary tools to educate and inspire the next generation of professionals who all have the common aim of producing results that are better for our environment.

The brands that EDGE work with seamlessly blend design trends with innovation and create products that remain relevant but also push boundaries.  At our sustainable showroom in Marylebone, London, material reincarnation is a key driver of our studio ethos. Brands are continuously carrying out material research to stay on top of the latest developments in recycled materials and to provoke inspiration for the next sculptural object or installation.

Innovation is crucial in the built environment for a variety of reasons. As an industry, we have an exceptionally high turnover of material use and wastage, and something has to change. When brands choose to think outside the box and look towards sustainability, it means we can work further towards circular economy principles and contribute to the end of waste within the sector.

Futurebuild is a hub of innovation and a trailblazing event within the built environment. Taking part in Futurebuild gives professionals within the industry a chance to meet others who have the same goal of promoting sustainable construction. This year, Futurebuild are inviting exhibitors to join in and take a stand for a better built environment. EDGE is delighted to be taking part in Futurebuild and will be connecting brands with one another to promote sustainable products and materials.

Brands that innovate

EDGE will be joined at Futurebuild by some of our innovative brand partners.

Hagen Hinderdael Pairing product design with art, HagenHinderdael are an award-winning creative practice who work at the intersect of sustainable design and innovative technology to create sculptural products and immersive installations using the latest 3D printing methodologies.

Nova Vita is an exciting brand that has just entered the market with tiles made from construction waste such as old bricks, old slate tiles or recycled plastic. Nova Vita’s plastic collection mimics natural stone tiles, providing the perfect alternative.

Puustelli Miinus Puustelli – the Finnish manufacturer of the Miinus Kitchen – is a 100-year-old company embracing innovation and sustainability. Miinus kitchens are part of a patented furniture system based around a unique bio-composite frame construction. This is a long-lasting, modifiable and recyclable solution. It is both environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Kenoteq The pioneering clean tech spin-out company specialises in the development and delivery of highly sustainable building products to help meet your carbon goals. With the circular economy and closed loop thinking at our core, Kenoteq’s first products, the K-Briq and K-Slip, are unfired, construction bricks and brickslips made from over 90% recycled construction and demolition waste together with recycled pigments.

Lundhs Real Stone® is a leader in natural surface choices across the build and design environment. Providing a more sustainable alternative for projects of all kinds, its natural properties have led the way in holistically finding solutions for building surface designs. Lundhs Real Stone materials are specified for worktops, tiles, and building façades.

Clayworks clay plasters are unique blends of unfired clays mixed with minerals and pigments to provide healthy, breathable finishes for internal walls and ceilings. They contain no plastics or VOCs and may be compostable. As well as being  natural, Clayworks clay plasters are also high-performance. They regulate relative humidity, allow buildings to breathe, and absorb toxins, odours and acoustics, as well as passively regulate temperature

VELOX is a building system that holds the main principles of ecology at its core. Their production technology uses natural materials that are energy efficient and do not create any fumes or hazardous waste which would impact the environment. Waste from the construction of a VELOX build can be returned to the factory, where it is recycled. The VELOX building system also features excellent sound and thermal insulation properties without thermal bridges – saving energy in the finished building.

Zero Waste Works develop 100% recycled fibres for concrete. They use world-leading expertise in recycled fibres to take, what are currently considered waste materials, from a wide range of waste streams and give them a new life as eco-innovative products to be used in building materials. Zero Waste Works fibres are true examples of a circular economy.

Soltropy has invented a unique patented solar thermal heating panel to help decarbonise buildings. Their modular panel can freeze and overheat without damage and uses a continuous flexible pipe to create panels of any width with no interconnections. A lack of antifreeze means they can use water as the heat exchange fluid and design larger systems without being size constrained.

Philips Signify is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Signify’s energy efficient lighting products, systems and services enable users to enjoy a superior quality of light, and make people’s lives safer and more comfortable, businesses more productive and cities more liveable. The products range from connected LED lighting and services to Nature Connect, a lighting innovation inspired by nature to make people feel happier and healthier. The lighting also includes a range of 3D printed pendants, luminaires and projectors that have a hugely positive effect on any organisations sustainability goals.

COAT is the world’s first Climate Positive paint company, disrupting the industry and making it ridiculously easy to get the highest quality paint. With both style and planet-first substance centre-stage, simplicity is at the heart of COAT. Only on-trend colours, fully recyclable Peel & Stick Swatches, with paint mixed fresh and delivered seven days a week.

As the first B Corp certified paint company in the UK, COAT is leading an industry movement towards higher levels of environmental and social responsibility – with both eyes on the future, not the past

Mobilane is a market leader in the sustainable development and delivery of patented, innovative green systems. Mobilane’s green systems offer a ready-to-use solution for almost any situation. This includes green screens, green roofs, green walls and facades. Their green solutions aid privacy and security, improve air quality, enhance exterior and interior landscapes and allow green options where space, maintenance and access are limited.

EDGE has been hard at work building a new marketplace that will allow you to buy directly from planet-friendly construction and interior brands with the highest standards in waste-minimisation, energy efficiency, sustainable product manufacturing and materials sourcing, whilst also setting industry standards for design and aesthetics. The marketplace can be used by specifiers for their projects as well as members of the general public and DIYers’ wanting to design or build an environmentally friendly building or space.

Clippings is the design industry’s fastest way to browse, specify and procure great designs for any type of commercial project. Powered by tailored technology, Clippings is made for interior architects, designers and developers. Clippings centralises the buying process allowing you to focus on your clients and the creative aspects, delivering projects in a smarter, more sustainable manner.

We are incredibly excited to host these visionary brands at Futurebuild, and we aim to bring vital conversations to the surface, encouraging people to think more about the importance of a sustainable material-focused built environment. The event will provide inspiration for industry professionals to work together to create a greener future. EDGE is immensely proud to be driving this conversation, alongside other passionate brands with the same goal at heart.

EDGE will be part of the innovation gallery at Futurebuild from March 7th to 9th.  

Futurebuild 2023 will take place from March 7th to 9th London’s ExCeL. For more details and exhibitor enquires, visit www.futurebuild.co.uk

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Notes To Editor

About Futurebuild: Futurebuild is an event that brings together more than 15,000 building industry influencers and decision-makers with the power to make a difference and form part of a major transformation of the sustainable built environment. By cultivating this type of cross-sector collaboration, Futurebuild is helping to inspire the innovation that is needed to propel the construction industry towards the UK government’s ambitious net-zero target. Such an outcome is essential to creating a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations to enjoy.

About the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy: Leading economy-wide transformation by backing enterprise and long-term growth, generating cheaper, cleaner, homegrown energy and unleashing the UK as a science superpower through innovation.

The government’s £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio provides funding to UK businesses to accelerate the commercialisation of low-carbon technologies and systems which will help enable the UK to end its contribution to climate change.

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