PEFC join EDGE as Industry Partner

The PEFC have joined EDGE as industry partner and will be hosting CPD’s on the following topics in the coming months.


NEW: Coming soon, Carbon impacts of timber in construction 

Responsible Timber Sourcing CPD – PEFC

Timber and the Circular Economy Webinar for Specifiers – PEFC

Tomorrow’s Timber Talk CPD – PEFC

If you are interested in any of these please email us at

Together we want to encourage the care for forests globally and locally by individuals and businesses. The PEFC work to protect our forests by promoting sustainable forest management through certification ensuring that we can all benefit from the many products that forests provide now, while ensuring these forests will be around for generations to come.

Below is a brief overview of the PEFC label and the certification.

PEFC label

When you see the PEFC label on a product, it means that it comes from a PEFC-certified forest (obviously, only the forest-based material within the product). A PEFC-certified forest is a forest that is managed in line with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements. A forest that will be around for generations to come.

PEFC certification

Through PEFC certification, they can track the material from these forests, down the supply chain, to the final product that you buy. The mechanism to track the material is called chain of custody certification. Beyond ensuring that the material comes from a certified forest, it also protects the rights of workers along the production process.

What is sustainable forest management?

“The stewardship and use of forests and forest lands in a way, and at a rate, that maintains their biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity, vitality and their potential to fulfil, now and in the future, relevant ecological, economic and social functions, at local, national, and global levels, and that does not cause damage to other ecosystems.” As defined by Forest Europe and adopted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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