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Enterprise – coffee table


This beautifully designed coffee table is definitely a conversation starter. Featuring split level surfaces and strategically placed recesses, the Enterprise offers a wealth of creative configurations.

Design tip: fill the recesses with pebbles, coffee beans, potpourri etc prior to covering, or leave uncovered for a more tactile experience.



Assembled Dimensions & Weight

1121mm(W) x 614mm(D) x 410mm(H)


Packaged Dimensions

1142mm(W) x 635mm(D) x 424mm(H)


Recycled paper board – click below for more info


This is a paper based product and should be kept in dry conditions. Avoid prolonged contact with water. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Properly cared for, this product can last a lifetime.


This product is 100% recyclable. Recycle as corrugated material (well) or as paper packaging.

Special Instructions

Pre-assembled for your convenience.

No heavy lifting required.

No excessively large parts.

About the ‘Enterprise’ apple

Colour: Glossy red maroon.

Taste: Mildly tart and richly spicy.

Did you know: Enterprise has a very thick skin and whilst it is tasty when freshly picked, its flavour improves after 2 months in storage.”


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