A little write up about EDGE Eco Academy

EDGE Eco Academy focuses on developing courses that enable participants to apply acquired knowledge directly in their professional settings. These courses will empower individuals to showcase the benefits of sustainable systems, products, and thought processes over conventional alternatives during projects and client engagements.

By delving into topics such as:

  • Recycling, circular economy and circular design
  • Environmental product declarations (EPDs)
  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles
  • Sustainability regulations
  • Indoor-outdoor quality
  • biophilic design
  • Retrofitting
  • Carbon-conscious practices
  • Colour Theory

We aim to equip learners with actionable insights. We are fortunate to have cultivated strong alliances with industry partners who specialize in these domains. These esteemed partners will collaborate with us to curate the courses, ensuring that they are rich in relevant and cutting-edge content.